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Letizia Denaro. Museo Pecci, Prato


About Letizia

The Sign – The Company – The Style

Letizia Denaro. Fashion Show in Palazzo Strozzi, Florence

The Sign

Since 1998, Letizia Denaro hits the market with its collection of knitwear, which is characterized by its amplitude of sweaters, cardigans, twin sets, skirts and scarves. The fit, the originality of lines and the richness of hand embroidery and prints are individually valued by an increasingly wide that will not leave anymore. The mission of the designer is to generate excitement and pleasure of dressing a unique style. To obtain these results, Letizia Denaro resort to manual art craft, why wear a shirt Letizia Denaro is not easy to dress but to live with conscious pleasure the luxury “of good taste.”

Letizia Denaro Style&Fashion department hand made sketches

The Beginning

In Italy, Sicily, was nine years old, with a much desired gift … a sewing machine. He spent his years of study in the applied arts, design, tailoring, crowned with many awards. In 1989 he won in Florence on “National Young Designers Award” as the best young Italian designer. After a few years working in the Atelier of Rome Haute Couture, will begin working with some of the most prestigious fashion houses in the “Made in Italy”. In 1997 he accepted the challenge to design for a company of Italian knitwear, a collection of women’s knitwear. The success of surprising proportions: the twin set of Letizia Denaro; the company will triple in a single season its turnover. Since then, Letizia Money will capitalize on his creativity with its collections of knitwear from Italian distinct style marked by an unmistakable personality. The creativity of Letizia Denaro is associated since its natural inclination for research of the highest quality.

Letizia Denaro – Jei’s A/W 2017/18

Letizia Denaro. Award “Best Fashion Creator”, Florence

The Company

Letizia Denaro establishes the company’s headquarters in Prato just outside Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, the place where the textile tradition dates back to the Middle Ages and where there are highly professional and unique know-how. The collections benefit from the successful support of this fertile area of expertise, art and experience. The staff Letizia Denaro is made from selected pattern makers, seamstresses and ironing, which contribute to the creative process, the development of the collection and quality control, which are entirely made in Italy, to meet the desire of the designer to provide an excellent product in the belief that fashion is in the details.